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I Regret Nothing!!!!

Live in Portugal(love my country, very proud of it's history and it's achievements in the past, it's a very beautiful country, but somehow i would like to live in some other place. Something's not quite right, i KNOW)
I'm a very lovable person(very modest too 8D).I'm very friendly, i'm true to my beliefs, i'm a ONE personality person, and i won't chage it so that i can please other people to make them fell right (it might be a default but i'm miles away to be perfect, and something would be totally wrong if i could please everybody) i tend to be a little goofy from time to time, and very stubborn too. i LOVE to make people laugh, so that they'll be happy, and then i'll be happy (selfish and cheesy, wow. I've been caught).
Oh and i really don't like to do descriptions, especially when i'm the one who has to be described.
SO that's pretty much it. Anything else, i'm open to answer any questions.

sorry for the bad quality..