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I Regret Nothing!!!!

Live in Portugal(love my country, very proud of it's history and it's achievements in the past, it's a very beautiful country, but somehow i would like to live in some other place. Something's not quite right, i KNOW)
I'm a very lovable person(very modest too 8D).I'm very friendly, i'm true to my beliefs, i'm a ONE personality person, and i won't chage it so that i can please other people to make them fell right (it might be a default but i'm miles away to be perfect, and something would be totally wrong if i could please everybody) i tend to be a little goofy from time to time, and very stubborn too. i LOVE to make people laugh, so that they'll be happy, and then i'll be happy (selfish and cheesy, wow. I've been caught).
Oh and i really don't like to do descriptions, especially when i'm the one who has to be described.
SO that's pretty much it. Anything else, i'm open to answer any questions.

just a little something i did, not that great, but my brain ain’t functioning at 100% right now. 

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